Quick Developmental Reference

Printable version here with additional Stycar chart on the back.

The printable version is the right size for a larnyard. Print double sided and guillotine on the side with the table ; the Stycar chart is slightly smaller.


Age Motor Fine motor Speech Social
6 weeks Neck up prone 90 deg tracking Responds to mum Smiles
8 months Sit w/o support Palmar grasp Non-specific 2 syllables Self feeds w. fingers
10 mth Cruising Pincer grip Respond to simple cmds Sep. anxiety; waves bye
18 mth Walking (ref. trigger) Scribbles 10 words; 6 body parts Uses spoon
2 yrs Kick a ball 6 block tower 3-word phrases Copy play
3 yrs Stand on one leg Draws a circle

Bridge block

Age, name, colours Interactive play
4 yrs Stairs one at a time Draws a cross

Gate block

Know nursery rhymes Makes friends
5 yrs Skip on both feet Draws triangle

Step block

Name, address, bday Asks for permission




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