Burkitt’s Lymphoma / Leukemia


  • Endemic
    • African
  • Sporadic
    • Africa and the West
  • Immunodeficiency associated
    • HIV infection


  • Histopathological diagnosis
    • Medium cells with round nuclei, basophilic cytoplasm and cytoplasmic vacuoles
  • 3 cytogenetic changes are confirmatory
    • t(8;14)
    • t(2;8) / c-myc and the λ light chain gene
    • t(8;22) / c-myc and the κ light chain gene


  • In the West
    • Lymphadenopathy
    • Intraabdominal mass
    • Rapidly progressive
    • Predilection for CNS


  • Rapid treatment within 2 days of diagnosis – Burkitt’s is the most aggressive of all human cancers
  • High dose cyclophosphamide
  • CNS prophylaxis essential
  • 70-80% cure rate



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